FSCD 支援服务简介之: Community Support 社区支援

FSCD 支援服务简介之: Community Support社区支援

Community Support is intended to fund an aide to support direct participation and integration in community, social, and recreational activities that would be typically not be supported by a parent (based on your child’s age).


  • For an aide to assist the child in participating in community programs and activities if the child’s disability prevents the child from participating without the assistance of another person. Aide to accompany child within a registered community, recreational or social program (such as an 8-week swim, courses, boys scouts, day camps for community inclusion).
  • 如果孩子的障礙使孩子无法在没有他人帮助的情况下参与,可由助手陪同协助孩子参加社区项目和活动;助手可以陪同孩子參加有注册的社区、娱乐或社交项目(例如 8 周游泳、课程、童军、社区日营)。
  • Not to include the transportation of child. Can NOT be used for the to/from transportation to an activity.
  • 不包括儿童的交通接送。不能用于往返活动的交通。
  • Service is to provide aide support for registered community, social and recreational activities for children under the age of 13 years old.
  • 服务是为參加注册社区、社交和娱乐活动的13岁以下儿童提供辅助支援。
  • Service is approved to provide DIRECT Service to the child during the activity only.
  • 助手服务仅获准在活动期间向儿童提供直接服务
  • Services can be supported to a legislated maximum of up to 144 hours per calendar.
  • 服务支援每年最多144 小时。
  • Community support aide must be 16 years of age or older, cannot be a relative to the child.
  • 社区支援助手必须年满 16 岁,不能是孩子的亲属。

以上资讯來自 FSCD, 內容以英文版本为準,中文內容由中信卡城中心FSCD 华语联络员翻译